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Vive la revolution: Quit Taylorizing Life

Danielle LaPorte asks, “What do you want to revolutionize?

I’m glad you asked.

I am sick and tired of hearing people apologize for their dreams. I’m sore in the heart every time someone says,  “And then she told me, “You should be glad you even have a job.”  And I am royally pissed off when people say “Well, it’s easy for you. You have [advantage].

I hate the way we transform self-care and personal challenges into checkboxes and then we beat ourselves up for not checking them off fast enough. 

We’re racing towards the finish line with our eyes closed. 

Is it any wonder we have so many stumbles?

The ways we approach change, and personal growth, and balance, they’re broken.

There’s too much thinking  and not enough feeling.

There’s  too much deciding and not enough wondering.

And there’s entirely too much judgement about the whole thing.

Where’s the attitude of play and exploration? Where’s the devotion to craft? The diligent joy of deliberate practice.

Instead, we create targets. We create metrics. We’re Taylorizing our lives. 

This has got to change. And change has got to start somewhere.

I guess that makes me a revolutionary.

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