The World is Grey

The world is grey.

The world is grey, not black and white.

Did you know that? I mean, not, have you heard it said? I mean, is this a visceral knowing for you? Can you feel it in your guts that nothing is ever one thing or another…that interpretation is Pantone-rich.

I was discussing morality the other day with Drew Jacob. I told him I thought nobility and duty was a pretty stupid hill to die on; that living, no matter how tarnished you feel you’ve become, is almost always a better way to serve.

He replied that his takeaway was that you need to be more careful of what you commit to, not that commiting, and dying for that commitment, is the wrong thing to do.

We’re both right, of course (Naturally, we’re also both wrong, in a different set of circumstances).

Circumstances and values; context and degree intertwine in a complex harmony.

Drew says “Values, not rules.” And I agree.

As long as it doesn’t become a rule or anything.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “The World is Grey”

  1. I think I adore you entirely, cuteness pie.

    That closing line cracked me up. Ah, to live in momentary truth, in all its greyness! Still some learning to go… 😀


  2. Abso-posi-lutely freakin’ TRUE!

    (no matter how many squiggly-red-lines there are in that^^^ sentence – 😉

    (Answers to your “Comments” question, still percolating…)

    1. Seems I find “so many” great things to read or watch or do, and things to chew on, that my brain gets clogged up, sometimes, and then nothing gets through!

  3. So yeah!!

    I’ve always(?) (as long as I can remember, anyway) seen the world like a “Pantone-rich” tapestry – all paisleys and plaids and polka-dots, and collage-bits, like an art-quilt! 😉

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