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I like to have something to work towards. People often say I “work too much” or that I’m a “Type A personality.” I don’t think that it’s much more than that– I just really like to see what I can accomplish. I like the sensation of progress, the way that thinking, learning, and doing take Read more

After a crazy week and some irritating carpal tunnel pain, I opened the larder and the larder was bare, creatively. (And also, it hurts to type.) So enjoy the very, very oldest surviving post on Change Catalyst– still as fresh and relevant as it was five (FIVE) years ago. And the family crisis I mention below Read more

You may have noticed that it’s Christmas. (Yeah, no kidding, right?) In addition to your normal workload, there’s been shopping, party planning (and party-going), gifts to wrap, foods to bake, a whirl of “optional” activities in a month that by rights should be calm and cozy. Calm and Cozy? Seriously! Because of the cold and Read more