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The other day I read one of those click-baity articles in a website footer. “Five Parisian-inspired pieces that every woman should own.” It’s so cliche as to be eye-roll inducing. Want to know what the pieces were? Breton top (those stripey sailor shirts) “Classic” black stilettos Black skinny jeans Ivory or camel trench coat A Read more

Album from Facebook: The 1% Challenge: Marginal Gains Applied to Business If you don’t want to read the list, here’s the 20 marginal improvements I made over the course of January: Set up email-based reminders for my bills Took a big, complicated task, split off the simpler parts, and assigned them to a VA Bought Read more

The other day I wrote about my routine Weekly  And in October I ran a whole series on crucial, but unsexy tools and routines. There are tons of articles out there about hacks and tips for staying on top of things. I think that’s mostly an oversight – productivity experts take it as a given Read more