Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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Thea van Diepen is an author, poet, and long-standing member of the Change Catalyst community. I noted that her social feeds contained many of the same elements of the feeds of the most social-media- adept writers such as Neil Gaiman and Maggie Stiefvater. After a discussion of how to take her feed and make it Read more

It’s not particularly hard to improve. Really. You just look at something that might be made better. Then you think about what might be done to make it better. (Don’t overthink this step. There’s plenty of low-hanging fruit for the picking.) Then you do it. After an interval, you assess whether you do, in fact Read more

People often seem to assume that a Systems Fascist (like myself) is by definition terribly strict and uptight and unable to adapt. It’s actually kind of funny because I’m the sort of person who doesn’t take to habits at all. Most people fall into ritual easily — I used to try to argue my clients out Read more