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As the year winds to a close, I’m sure right about now you’re coming to grips with the things you will not be getting done this year. If you’re a planner, you’re looking at the plans you made for 2014 and putting a few projects out of their misery (they’ve languished far too long already Read more

Another great post from Abigail Markov, who is hard at work under the Christmas rush, but still managed to take the time to detail the various ways she pares down the list of things she could be doing. Raise your hand if you usually have more ideas than you have means to act on them Read more

We all want to get better at the important things. Become better at our core offering, of course. Become a better person, certainly. Maybe even get better at taking care of ourselves, since that’s the skill that underlies a great deal of achievement elsewhere. So it seems odd that the commonly accepted methods of getting Read more