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limiting agents

Someone asked me for the definition of scaling. They had seen it used frequently and thought they understood from context, but had never seen a really solid explanation. I’ve mentioned scaling in relation to Maker businesses, but I can do better. First we are going to talk about scaling, and then we’re going to look Read more

Periodically, I’ll run a series of free 1-on-1 calls on various subjects for a limited number of subscribers (Want to get one in the future? Click here to sign up). The last set I ran was to help show people exactly where to focus their attention in their business in order to have the best Read more

So recently we talked about the time-consuming, immediately visible limiters on your business and why you need to get rid of them before your business can grow. The other half of the equation is the invisible limiters. These are the ones where you can’t tell ahead of time what they are. They don’t emerge until Read more