Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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In a day and age where we buy pre-made everything, adapting and customizing off-the-shelf solutions isn’t necessarily the first tactic to spring to mind. But when things aren’t working for you, you have two options: change yourself, or change the situation. Many a humble business owner has decided to change themselves first, bowing to the Read more

We tend to think of “quirks” as being the privilege of genius. If you’re special enough, then the world tolerates your weirdness. But what if embracing your quirks is actually the solution to greater productivity and impact? If It’s Crazy But It Works, It’s Not Crazy When most people think about planning and execution, they Read more

The #insidemymicrobiz experiment has garnered a lot of questions from readers. Good questions deserve a column of their own. Got a question? Hit me up on Twitter or email me: [shanna] at [this domain]. I’ve gotten myself into an interesting spot (not quite a dilemma or even a problem, just not sure what I want Read more