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Album from Facebook: The 1% Challenge: Marginal Gains Applied to Business If you don’t want to read the list, here’s the 20 marginal improvements I made over the course of January: Set up email-based reminders for my bills Took a big, complicated task, split off the simpler parts, and assigned them to a VA Bought Read more

Welcome to our 4th mini-lesson in effective business planning and execution. We’ve talked philosophy. We’ve talked tools. We’ve talked productivity. Now let’s talk psychology. Broadly speaking, to understand psychology is to understand the weaknesses inherent in the human mind. Ask me any time about cognitive biases. Or why you shouldn’t incentivize testimonials. I’ll talk all Read more

We all want to get better at the important things. Become better at our core offering, of course. Become a better person, certainly. Maybe even get better at taking care of ourselves, since that’s the skill that underlies a great deal of achievement elsewhere. So it seems odd that the commonly accepted methods of getting Read more