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The other day I read one of those click-baity articles in a website footer. “Five Parisian-inspired pieces that every woman should own.” It’s so cliche as to be eye-roll inducing. Want to know what the pieces were? Breton top (those stripey sailor shirts) “Classic” black stilettos Black skinny jeans Ivory or camel trench coat A Read more

This is Part Two of a two-part series on effective business planning. Did you miss Part One? Click here to check it out. There’s something exquisitely painful about putting attention and effort into something only to have it completely wiped away. If doesn’t even need to be something large– I get unreasonably upset about buttoning Read more

Enjoy this post from Abigail Markov. I’m sure you can relate to what she says here; I certainly can. From yesterday: “Out of the house by 6:45, kids dropped off by 7:25, pack up the Jeep with boxes and things from the Apartment, unpack the Jeep into The House, set up the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner Read more