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critical thinking

You’re better than an expert, you know. I realize you may have lived your whole life and never heard a notion like that directed at you, so I don’t blame you if your first reaction is skepticism. Hear me out. We live in a world that values authority. You might even say we worship it Read more Weekly Review Methodology This is my weekly review. It’s … complex. It works extremely well for me, but other people would have adapt it to their needs. The question is, did I succeed in making it sound like a useful and enjoyable undertaking, or as simply another chore? This is the best way I Read more

Any piece of advice I get, I can immediately think of a half a dozen situations where it wouldn’t apply; or where, if I continued it, reducto ad absurdium, it would be counterproductive, even dangerous. Of course, the rejoinder to this line of thought is “Just use your common sense!” apparently oblivious to the fact Read more