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critical thinking

It always surprises me, the number of creatives (or Makers, as I like to think of them) I have in my audience. By Makers I mean artists, craftspeople, non-commercial writers and things of that nature. I feel terrible because I’m not sure I can help you. When you start a business to make money, that’s Read more

I am a big fan of planning. I’m the type of person, who if faced with errands at three different places, I will actually spend time considering which is the best, most efficient order for me to do them in. In fact, I have to bite my tongue with people who do not plan their time Read more

I read a tweet the other day: Do you deserve happiness? This concept of deserving things is a pretty dangerous path to walk. It encourages flawed logic. My personal favourite example of this are these so-called “nice” guys who are incredibly bitter and think that because they’re “nice” they’re entitled to female attention. First of all Read more