Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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Most people know me as a very grounded, systems-oriented person. I think I probably I come across as fairly serious, too. Maybe even stern? Even my closest friends think this. And why not? When I talk to friends, I love to talk about the blow-by-blow minutiae of the various challenges I’m facing. Because I am Read more

Not too long ago, there was a bit of a hubbub in literary circles. When asked for his advice, Philip Roth told an aspiring writer: “I would quit while you’re ahead. Really, it’s an awful field. Just torture. Awful. You write and write, and you have to throw almost all of it away because it’s Read more

I have a business creating high-end jewelry. It’s starting to gain traction. I’ve been in a couple juried shows, and local jewellers are starting to carry my stock. The only problem is, I’ve hit a wall creatively. I can barely bring myself to go into my workshop or do the work that I used to Read more