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Many of you know that I am trying to “do” the social media thing. It worked okay for the summer, but then September slammed onto the scene and WHAM. Nobody is doing anything. (Or at least, none of the two dozen or so people I look forward to seeing post are doing anything. Shut up Read more

Last week, Abigail posted about the four questions you need to have an answer to in order for your business to succeed. The post struck a nerve. I got a lot of comments and mail from people who were distressed that they didn’t know the answers and worried that they were doomed. DOOMED. But there’s Read more

After a crazy week and some irritating carpal tunnel pain, I opened the larder and the larder was bare, creatively. (And also, it hurts to type.) So enjoy the very, very oldest surviving post on Change Catalyst– still as fresh and relevant as it was five (FIVE) years ago. And the family crisis I mention below Read more