Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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In bonsai, the small, shallow pot is the primary constraint, just as being a solopreneur is the primary constraint in your business. Although the pot is small, and the constraint of growing a tree in it is daunting, it’s still very possible. The same is true of solopreneurial business.   To understand the type of Read more

I barely read any productivity blogs any more, but once in a while, in the context of something else, this unwelcome sentiment will pop up: “There are more than 8 productive hours in the day! Why aren’t you using them?” Words cannot express how dangerous I find this idea. For starters you are not a Read more

Every microbusiness owner suffers from Imposter Syndrome. Whether it’s “I don’t belong here” or “I’m not good enough yet,” we’ve all struggled with feelings of being less than. But to me, the most interesting form of imposter syndrome is when people fear *they’re not cut out to be entreprenuers.” It would be reasonable to think Read more