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aspiration Weekly Review Methodology This is my weekly review. It’s … complex. It works extremely well for me, but other people would have adapt it to their needs. The question is, did I succeed in making it sound like a useful and enjoyable undertaking, or as simply another chore? This is the best way I Read more

One of the tenets of GTD is that projects are not done. Only the tasks associated with them can be done. To my way of thinking, the trick is to keep all the things you have to do from getting in the way of your projects. Be Dutiful To that end, I suggest systemizing and scheduling every Read more

In the last post I argued why you don’t want goals, and that you should frame them as projects. But this is the actionable stuff that I know you’re chomping at the bit for. The Standard Model Conventional wisdom states that you begin with a vision and that you set a goal that will achieve Read more