What Makes Us Play Small?

What makes us pull our punches, hold back on our passion, prevents us from going all in?

What keeps us from speaking out, making ourselves heard, and from making an impact?

What causes us to step back, avoid getting involved or distance ourselves from the chaos and upheaval that is a vital component of creating anything?

Fear. (how cliché)

Fear has many peculiar qualities. In particular, it is worst when you feel you are alone. Isolation can hamstring you, hitting where your psyche is the weakest.

It makes you pause. It makes you shrink. With the vast dome of the sky above you and the empty wilderness around you, you feel your smallness. Your powerlessness.

And you begin to wonder why you ever thought you could make it out here by yourself.

night sky

What Makes Us Feel Powerful?

What gives us that fierce sense of joy, that synergy of creative mind and well-trained body?

What makes us feel like we can take on anything, that nothing can hold us back from our goals, that whatever we want might take hard work and persistence but is ultimately doable?

What lets us trust a leap of faith and subdue our fears in order to accomplish our goals?

We do. We give it to ourselves.

But not alone.

There are many paths to that feeling of power.

Progress. Support. Competence, if not mastery. The sense that we’re doing our best work. The fierce pride in serving others. Radical self care and feeding our spirit.

Not the absence of Fear.


On the wide plains of the entrepreneurial Serengeti, there are many solopreneurs and freelancers roaming the same internal landscape you are.

  • Am I conveying my message powerfully enough to my audience?
  • Is what I’m offering worthwhile? Is this risk going to pan out?
  • How can I manage to stay on top of things and still grow?
  • Am I doing right by my customers, my family, myself?

They, too, struggle to tap into that feeling of power and untapped potential.  It’s there for the taking, but… sometimes it’s hard to reach. A boost in the right direction would go a long way.


Enter: The Dispatches

It’s one thing to know you’re not alone in this , and it’s another to find other people like you. And to have time to spend with them. (They’re in the same boat.)

But I have something that might work.

ser-en-dip-it-y (n) (1)Just like you, I’m in the trenches. I’m trying to run too many businesses with not enough resources. I’m taking risks I don’t know will work. I’m struggling with whether I’m expressing myself well enough to reach my right people. I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know whether it pay off, but I keep putting one foot in front of the other because it’s the best option I’ve got at the moment.

And I’m guessing you are too.

So here’s what I propose: Once a week, I’ll send you a little missive, a report from the solopreneurial trenches about what’s going on in my world. Statistically, you’ll have either gone through the same thing, or be going through it now.

If you’re scrambling, you can give it a glance and move on to the next thing on your todo list.

But if your thought is, Me, too or Man, can I ever relate, then maybe you’ll want to pop over to the Happy Hour I’ll be hosting on Facebook. No pressure. We’re just swapping war stories over drinks, revelling in the presence of people who GET IT.

I know you’re busy.

That’s why I came up with this very low-pressure way to surround yourself with fellow solopreneurs without the pressure of ‘networking,’ or ‘exchanging value.’ This is the solopreneurial equivalent of bellying up to the bar and ordering a double while you say “Marketing. Amirite?”

It’s a small, painless way to get a handle on that isolation problem. And that fear issue.  And it will be fun, too.

So pop your email in the form below and receive your first dispatch right away.