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Do you ever feel like it might be impossible to run a business and stay sane?

We’re in charge of everything– from making sure that every i is dotted to mapping out strategic plans for the next 18 months. From marketing to scheduling, trouble-shooting to problem-solving, we are responsible for every single issue, every single day.

It’s a lot of pressure. It can make you a little squirrelly. A little frayed around the edges. Maybe flirting a little with burnout. Not that I would know anything about that…

Self-employment would be great, if it weren’t for my boss.

I love self-employment and would never trade it for anything.


I work too many hours. I obsess over my copy. I wonder if anyone actually understands Google Analytics or if they’re just pretending.

Every day, there’s a continuous drumbeat of things I need to do, things I need to learn more about, and things I need to decide on.

I really don’t need to be hearing about “actionable steps.”

Puh-leeze. I am a big girl. I know what I need to do (or mostly, anyway). I just need more hours in the day, or possibly an extra set of hands. And if those hands could share my brain, that would be great.

But you know what I would love?

To talk to other people who are doing what I’m doing. To hear how they stay sane. To hear how they tackle to-do lists, or marketing, or technology, or work-life balance.

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I’m Shanna Mann. I’m a lifelong entrepreneur and polymath. I can’t handle employment because I’m too easily bored (and I always want to be in charge.)

Not everyone can handle self-employment and entrepreneurship, but I also believe that we’re not being adequately supported either. Solopreneurship is almost inherently isolating and it can be tough to find like-minded people (and find time to chat with them).

So what if I found them for you?

In over a decade of self-employment, and over five years online, I’ve found people who are building lives and livelihoods in the most unusual and resourceful ways.

There are thousands and thousands of people who (usually) manage to stay sane and in control of their lives while they grew a business. The only problem is, you’ve never heard of them because they’re quietly going about their lives. Probably much the same way you are.

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This is NOT about “actionable content.”

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Raise your hand if you have about a million blog posts, free downloads and paid courses that would be SUPER useful– if you ever got a chance to read them and put them into practice.

Information glut is not helpful. If anything, it causes more stress.

I’ve run businesses in several industries. You know what’s cool about that? The practices that are commonly used in one industry are novel in another– but they’re often equally applicable.

But you can’t say “Here’s 6 techniques from other industries you might be able to make work for you.” Because people don’t retain information that way. It’s not relevant enough for them.

But you know what people do find memorable, even when it has no immediate application?


We all like to hear people’s stories, whether they’re “useful” or not. They worm their way into our memories and they stick.

Maybe they’re useful. Maybe they’re inspiring. Maybe they quietly sow their seeds for future harvest.

And in the moment, they’re also interesting. They’re entertaining. They’re fun. They’re a break from your to-do list, without being quite as pointless as Project Runway.

So why not join us on iTunes, Stitcher, or the podcast platform of your choice for weekly chats with other self-employed people.* You might learn something, but you’ll definitely enjoy yourself.

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