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Inside My Microbiz- Abigail Markov

Since after less than a month of the #InsideMyMicroBiz experiment, the results are merely preliminary, I thought I would interview Abigail about what the process has been like so far. Got questions for Abby? Leave them in the comments. Shanna: I figured what we could do is a bit of an interview. After your site launches Read more

This is the first post (of many!) from Abigail, talking frankly about the experience of building her business. I’m sure you’ll find that some of it sounds similar to your experience of the process as well. Wow. It’s not every day I am likened to one of the Idols of the Internet Menagerie. And from Read more

I vividly remember the first time I had to invoice a customer. I was sick to my stomach. I felt cold all over. “What if this isn’t how an invoice is supposed to look? What if he realizes I’ve never done this before?” I could’ve asked someone what an invoice should look like, but I Read more