Money is not Evil: The Seminal Treatise

This is a quick post wherein I affirm a truth purely so that I can link to it later without having to repeat myself.

It is not evil, wrong, unethical or immoral to make a lot of money.

Stop with the yabutts.

Whether it’s sour grapes, the socio-economic conditions in which you were raised, or the fact that you think everyone should share the good things in life equally, consider the following notions.

“The poor will always be with us.” So will the rich. The poor are not universally good, or bad, and neither are the rich. So how can you disdain an entire class?

By virtue of the dualism of the concept of wealth, no matter how much you tax the rich or provide for the poor, the labels will still fit a certain segment of the population, simply because the definition of “poor” is “not rich” and vice versa.

Furthermore, people with the skills to draw and compile money are simply people with a specific, highly desirable skillset. As are craftsmen, innovators, thinkers, nurturers, leaders and disseminators. If you are not in a group that signifies a highly desirable skillset, why not?

While you may not think of it as something to strive for, you may find it something to think about.



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