The Labours of Heracles

  • Engage fully
  • Accept no limitations
  • Give freely
  • Breathe deeply

These are four pieces of advice I got through a guided meditation with a healer once. I remember complaining, “I wanted specifics!” and she laughed and said, “You don’t get much more specific than that.” I suppose not.

I’ve been sitting with them pinned to the wall in front of me for four months now, and I suddenly noticed a common thread. They are specific actions for overcoming specific fears.

People often seem to have the impression I have everything figured out, or at the very least, that I don’t really struggle with the questions the way they do.

That’s both true and false. There are a lot things I kind of mulled over in my own head until I was happy with the conclusions that are widely applicable, and so I share them. But I do struggle with things in my own way. Not as suffering, but as we’ve previously defined the term, I do find certain things challenging.

They are difficult things for me to remember, and to live. They respresent, to me, at least the tasks of Heracles, simply something I must overcome in order to free myself of my personal constraints, in order to grow into something bigger than myself. You know, after Heracles completed his labours, he  freed Prometheus, impregnated 50 virgins in one night and helped sack Troy. Just sayin….

So I’m going to share my biggest struggles and shortcomings with you. I hope it comes as no big surprise that I talk a lot: it will be a series.

Engage Fully

Accept No Limitations

Give Freely

Breathe Deeply


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      1. Been busy applying newly recognized “knowledg” and “wisdom” (quotes used cautiously!) to some really complex interpersonal situations – –

        Bright Everything to ya! K

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