I See You

I see you is a traditional greeting in many cultures, similar to hello. It was most recently resurrected on the movie Avatar.

It’s widely considered to convey enormous respect, implying that the speaker is fully present, sees the person for what the are, and not as the speaker might believe¬† them to be. It demonstrates meeting a person at their own level, in their own space, but not impinging on it.

This phrase just came to me as I was meditating. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with it. So I’m doing what I always do: sharing.

I see you.

Not in literal terms, perhaps, but the fact that you’re reading my words tells me so much. You’re here. You’ve paused for just a moment, in the stillness of your mind, in the space between the jumble of thoughts and emotions.

You want to believe I really can see you. You want so badly to be seen. Perhaps you’re even a little embarrassed, a little awkward. You’re afraid I won’t like what I see.

I see you.

That place you’re in? It’s a bit tight for you, isn’t it? Just a bit squished? You’re growing too big for it now. I know it’s uncomfortable; it might even get worse before it gets better, before you get so jammed up you’ve got to scream and get really angry and break out of this too-small space and justify a new place for yourself. I know.

I see you.

I might not always. I’m not always sensitive. Or kind. I always care, I promise I do, but sometimes I’m bad at showing it. I see you now, though, a glorious blossom ready to burst into bloom.

I see you.


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