Here There Be Dragons

Any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke.

I always felt that quote was so heartening. Maybe magic didn’t exist in the way we thought it did… But it does exist, we just call it something else. I thought of this quote last week when a client asked, in that half-joking, half-spooked manner with which I have become so familiar:

Are you psychic?

There’s so many layers to this question! They’re asking, do you have superpowers? How do you do it? And, how can I trust this information, it’s not supposed to work like this?

No. I’m not psychic, at least, not as I understand the term, but I will agree that it’s more a matter of semantics. I think I am more like a therapist. I simply ask your body what it would like to tell me, and it tells me what it would like to address. It also has surprising insight into what’s holding you back. It’s the perfect informant!

That being said, I rely rather heavily on my intuition. Sometimes Innate is clear and straightforward, “I need this, here’s how I feel about this, this is where the problem lies” and other times it’s couched in symbolism and speaking in tongues.

Nevertheless, it works rather splendidly. I’ve worked with my intuition long enough that it feels like a fairly mundane skill, although I know that seems odd to a lot of people.

Why I Trust My Intuition

I’ve lived by my intuition a long time. Years ago, I trained myself to follow my gut wherever it led, reasoning that it was unlikely to steer me wrong, and much more likely to lead to opportunity, especially opportunity I hadn’t consciously grasped because it didn’t look like I expected it to.

I consider this to be one of the great benefits of being tuned to your higher perceptions– you notice what you might otherwise not. Don’t beat yourself up about everything you’re not noticing. That’s the path to madness. But it’s more like programming subroutines by using the power of your expectations.

The reticular activating system is like a giant filter, and it responds well to programming. It runs on the keywords you’ve assigned, points out the things that you’ve noted in the past to be important to you, and of course, keeps you apprised of possible threats. And it filters out as much of the white noise as possible.

Taking that one step further, I can trust, because that’s how I programmed it over a number of years, that when I feel drawn to a person or activity or perhaps even a book or a branch of knowledge, it’s because there’s something embedded there that I will find enlightening. And so I focus my attention more closely, to see what is there for me to see.

And that’s the same principle I use with my clients. I’m speaking with your Innate, the single personality in the world who has absolutely no agenda but your well-being— we might not speak exactly the same language (sometimes semiotics can be tough). But if it’s been brought to my attention by you (remember, Innate is just you, not hampered by your conscious mind) it’s important enough to examine, to explore.

And we all know that when you go exploring, that’s where you make all the really exciting discoveries.


3 thoughts on “Here There Be Dragons”

  1. yay! thank you!

    ~ Relating ‘magic’ and ‘psychic abilities’ and ‘intuition’ to the corresponding Computer Programming and Body Parts terms – I knew there was a way to do it, just not enough “computerese” to be confident of my analogies! 😉

  2. Just one of the things you do ‘easily and naturally’, and so it doesn’t register (to you) as particularly special or noteworthy!
    We all do that, with our own talents and ‘super-powers’ – whatever they are –

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