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How to Grow Systems That Work

Notice I said “grow”. Not “build”.

Often when people think of systems they think of sleek, highly-efficient processes that ought to be easily constructed to exacting specifications.

If you do that, this is what you’ll get: all form, no function.

Systems that work are an arduous process of starting with something functional and employing the principles of kaizen to improve them.

And despite what “productivity gurus” and “efficiency experts” would have you believe, perfect systems do not grow wild in nature. They’re not grazing quietly, like wild asses, waiting to be harnessed to the plow.

They have to be grown, mindfully, over a long period of time. Like the chair below, which took ten years to grow into that shape. Ten years of mindful grooming and pruning.

So don’t expect creating systems to be easy. They don’t just land in your lap.

But then again, they’re not hard, either. They just take awhile, and that’s what requires discipline.

What are you trying to “construct” that it might be better to “grow?”