Float Like a Butterfly

Ty and I are working on my new website. It’s peacock coloured. It’s beautiful and bright and airy and unbelievably cheerful looking.

Then I looked at my recent posts, full of challenge and battle and smiting.

I am too cute for words. I have a doll-like body, an infectious smile, and a baby face. I am so winning and playful and unscripted I cannot help but be adorable.

But The Vile Scribbler, who knows me eerily well for someone I met through a random link-back, says :

“You have such a strong will and sense of conscious, calculating control over so many aspects of your life. You’re always planning how to turn situations to your advantage, how to land on your feet, how to come out of a difficult situation unscathed. It’s like your ego never rests, never allows anything else to gain an advantage over you. Your sense of control extends to your belief in how much your own thoughts control your health, your basic reality itself. Though you may talk about a higher power, say, you live as if your consciousness is the center of your world, never relinquishing power or leaving anything to chance.”

I read a novel once, which sadly I have forgotten everything about, except this: There was a warrior from the east who followed the Way, and the path to the Way was balance in all things. Because he was a fearsome warrior, he dressed effimanately in order to balance himself in the world.  Because he was so deadly, he was exceeding gentle in all other things. At all times, he tried to balance the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, the warm and the cold.

I don’t practice this ritual with the same emphasis and solemnity, but I think there’s so much to be gained from it. Who among us is wholly one way or the other? Often we’ll skew to one side, identifying with one aspect of ourselves and building our identity around it. All good, all true, and yet… not really telling the whole story. Not really in balance. Not really ringing true.

In what way do you embody unified opposites?


3 thoughts on “Float Like a Butterfly”

  1. You just made something major in my head go ker-CLICK.

    I wrote something in my private journal the other day about being opposite of whatever group I’m currently in, even though I have the ability to blend, if I wanted to. When among women, I present as male; when among men, I present as more feminine than they (but not entirely feminine in general).

    And that has to do not with rebellion or specialness, but with balance. With making sure no one is forgotten, making sure the group isn’t polarized. With letting Group A know that I, by presenting as part of a different group, can still work with them without being them. Bringing in the underrepresented qualities to even things out.

    Man, now I think I’mma have to post that entry on the blog. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

    (Also, I would totally read that novel if you remembered the title. I can totally respect the intention to balance – I do it somewhat unconsciously, but I think making it a deliberate choice would have some really positive effects for me.)

    Thank you for this post. It is an awesome one. 😀

    1. Aw shucks. Thanks, Ty.

      I wish I could remember that book; I went through a period where I was reading about five books a week, and I kept few. The story itself I recall as being kind of weak; perhaps it might have even been a short story or novella, since I don’t even remember the author. But WHAT a concept! Live united, not polarized.

    2. @Ty Holy cow, I thought I was the only one who did that! (I think it’s the reason that “rivenwanderer” still feels like an OK username for me on so many social networks, because that’s how I divide myself.)

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