Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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What’s a Bonsai Business?

A Bonsai Business is one that’s intentionally small. Some people want a business that scales to infinity and impacts the largest possible number of people. A bonsai business chooses to be small, artful, and self-sustaining. Read more about bonsai business here.

I work with Bonsai Business Owners (BBOs) because I disagree with the philosophy of “growth=good, massive growth=better” that dominates the business world. If we want to make a difference, we should think small.

What Do You Do?

Think of me as a personal trainer for online business. Whether you’re an athlete coming back from an injury, a newb trying to figure out how to get the body you want, or someone who needs to shake things up, I help you figure out a plan to get what you want. Then, we work together to implement that plan. I hold you accountable, but I also help you be tenacious, confident and creative.

If you want keywords, my work runs down two prongs: Strategy and Implementation, and Systems and Process Creation.

I just started my business. Can I hire you?

No. I work best when there is a pre-existing dataset; customers you’ve had, things you’ve tried, and a certain amount of product-market fit (even if it’s not the market you want to be in!)

The main exception is if you had a previous online business, and you are transitioning to a new one. Pivots are a place where I can really help with strategy and working the plan.

I want to start a business. Can I hire you?

Definitely not. There are a ton of business coaches out there who are skilled at helping people winnow their options and choose the best business for them. I am not one of those people. I’m the person you call to take a functioning business and make it work smoothly, effectively, and with minimum oversight.

Do you only work with online businesses?

I work only with businesses with a strong online component. Most of my clientele are online service providers or create info-products, but a significant fraction are artisans or have other types of online retail businesses.

How do I know if I’m ready for coaching?

Hire me when you’re at the point that you’re pretty sure you know what to do, but you don’t know how to go about doing it. This is for strategy and implementation work.

Or, hire me when you know you could be doing something a better way but you can’t get far enough ahead to do anything that would make things easier on you. This is for systems and process creation.

Do you take guest posts?

I take case studies from BBOs who want to share what worked for them.

Do you do interviews?

Sure do! Get in contact with me here.

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