Faith and Circumstance

Have you ever notice how many people thank God for their successes?

Award acceptance speeches, About pages on blogs, dedication pages in books. I mean, this is purely anecdotal–it’s not like I’ve done a study of it or anything.

Let’s examine and dismiss the notion that God loves his people and made them successful as a kind of divine backpat. There are plenty of unsuccessful, god-fearing folks.

And let’s, just for the purposes of discussion, define success as any prosperous or enjoyable circumstance where someone might credibly ask you, “To what do you owe your success?” whether it be the graduation of your child or your company going public.

It occurs to me that there might be some collective trait of the faithful that harbors their success– namely, the practice of faith.

Not a particular dogma, but the practice of faith, which essentially is believing in something in the absence of any supporting evidence.

Maybe it’s not everything–but, when you reach a certain point, and it’s the only thing you’ve got left, having that practice might make all the difference.


Look at that! Shortest post EVER. Call me Seth Godin.


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