You can do it

You’ve spend far too much time running around doing the operational work that brings in the money. You’ve been putting out fires and freaking out about whether you’re doing the right things when it comes to marketing, strategic planning, analyzing your analytics, and… pretty much everything else.

It’s not that you can’t do it (mostly). It’s not that you lack confidence (sorta). It’s just that you can’t do all the things AND figure out what you should be doing to launch yourself into the next stage of development. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.


I can help you with that. I’ll be the steady hand on the tiller, someone you can trust to keep you on track, to guide your attention to where it needs to be, and to shut up that inner critic who constantly wonders, “Should I be doing something else?”

That’s not all I’m here for, of course. With over a decade and a half of solo-entrepreneurship under my belt (and a knack for seeing the nub of things), I take you under my wing and show you the nitty-gritty of what a successful bonsai business looks like under the hood – we’ll look at your operational procedures, ongoing strategy, and much more.

You don’t need more business books, any more than an aspiring chef needs more cookbooks. What you need is someone to show you around the kitchen and share the tricks of the trade.

The best thing about Shanna is they hybrid life + business approach she offers. As a solo entrepreneur, my business is so inextricably linked to who I am that my personal issues show up left and right in my business. Because Shanna offers a hybrid approach, and because she is, herself, an solo entrepreneur, she’s able to help me see where issues bleed over and then help me address the root of the problem. Talking to Shanna about my business feels so effortless because I don’t have to compartmentalize the entrepreneur side of me from the human side. They are one and the same.

Could I have found my way to where I am now on my own? Probably. But I can say with absolute certainty I’d still be floundering in uncertainty and confusion, solo entrepreneurship nothing but a tiny blip on the horizon. Working with Shanna has accelerated my growth in more ways that I can count — personally, professionally, and in that vast grey area where the two overlap.

Erin Kurup

Development Editor and Ebook Consultant


Like all large-scale strategic initiatives, coaching is an upfront commitment but once things are in place, a good nudge every now and then keeps the machine moving well.

We start with a 3-month minimum term in order for us to make the bigger, more meaningful shifts that your business almost certainly needs. This positions you for growth. We meet every two weeks for 3-6 months while we’re implementing these changes. Then we will tend to taper off to monthly calls as we settle in to see the results shake out.

During our calls, nothing is off limits— everything from personal productivity rituals to hiring new staff, from transitioning to a new business model to determining ROI on a recent launch. Everything is on the table, in order for you to achieve your goals. Your big business goals.

It starts like this:

  • You get ready to kick-start the next stage of your business by setting up an introductory call.
  • We meet for 30 minutes over Skype to make sure you’re in a position to really make use of intensive business coaching (if you aren’t ready, I’ll share with you some resources or benchmarks that will help you get there).
  • We virtually high five and decide we’re a good fit. Then I send you the intake package, including a 5-page questionnaire that will lay the groundwork for the progress we’ll make together.
  • Once you submit the questionnaire, you can schedule your first call and we’re off to the races.

The best part about this work is that you’ll experience a sense of progress from the very first week. Not only will you feel the renewed motivation that comes from having a clear-cut plan of attack but you’ll finally be able to quell the inner waffler who undermines your focus. And because we solopreneurs are terrible at giving ourselves credit, we’ll periodically circle back to celebrate your successes and take note of how far you’ve come.

I know I understand selling on Amazon. However, something was wrong because I couldn’t get profitable and I couldn’t grow sales. Something was missing and I had a growing feeling I knew that something was… I didn’t know how to run a business despite my ability to handle so many of the technician roles within it. I finally took the plunge and signed up for coaching with Shanna Mann. Best. Decision. Ever.

Shanna understands businesses where one person or only a couple of people are trying to do it all with minimal time. She can see through the chaos and identify what needs to happen first, second and third to put systems in place, tighten things up and help you use your business data to make better business decisions. She can show you how to track what’s happening so you can see if changes you make actually make a difference.

In our first four months of working together, my sales have doubled and I’ve learned how to identify what I can safely take out of my business as income to supplement my household budget. I am totally confident that Shanna will be able to guide me to my ultimate business goals.

Lori Stalter

Online Retail Entrepreneur


I’m a huge fan of incremental improvements. I absolutely believe that any business owner will learn the ropes if they can hang on long enough. But why wait if you don’t have to? Why teach yourself everything from scratch when you can hire a consultant, coach, and mentor all wrapped up in one?

Just look at the ROI

Nearly all my clients are making enough extra income by the third month of our work together to pay my fee. There are not many business investments where you see a return so quickly.

But the benefits aren’t just monetary. You’ll also:

  • Stop spinning your wheels on projects that go nowhere
  • Get advice on the shiny new tactic from someone who’s been around the block
  • Develop confidence in your decisions and the business savvy that made them
  • Learn the ropes as needed, on demand; no more hoarding info-products in case you might use them one day
  • Avoid the agony of deciding exactly what to do, and in what order


Coaching is a big investment with an amorphous outcome. But I strive to make it concrete for you. Although we will focus on every aspect of your business to ensure that it’s healthy and stable, we’ll pay close attention to the bottom line. Almost all of my clients see tangible financial results in just a few months, and I’m confident that you will too.

Contact me for an introductory call today.

If we’re a good fit, $400/month gets you 2 60-min Skype calls with the recordings so you can revisit them any time you want.

Shanna helps you get in touch with you instincts and helps you separate what you “should do” from what you truly want to do. It isn’t often that I able to get down to the real issues, with someone that is there asking the questions and willing to listen to everything.

Matt Aaron

Food Start-up Founder

I knew where I wanted to get to in my business, but not how to get there. After doing the work Shanna suggested over a number of weeks, I’ve realised that in order to work out the how, I have to go right back to basics and hit the reset button. It’s exhilarating! Such major change from such a brief interaction is mind-blowing.Shanna is positive, charming, open, incisive. She honed in straight away on how I wanted clients to *feel*, which was super duper helpful for me. She also instantly pointed out how I could transfer skills from bits of my business which I was confident in to ones that I was confused about.
Shanna is someone with a no nonsense approach, with zero tolerance for bullshit, yet balanced with enough woo-woo for me to know that we’d probably click.

Elinor Predota

Interfaith Minister


What kinds of topics can we discuss?

Anything business-related and all the generic life stuff that keeps rearing its ugly head every time you try to plan or get anything done. I know this sort of problem is a hydra, so I want to see all the heads so there are no surprises when we start chopping!

My business is ______. Will this work for me?

If blank is a type of business, I would say, “Yes, most likely.” I haven’t worked on EVERY type of business, but I’ve worked on most of them, from brick and mortar to e-commerce, from infoproduct to high-end services.

But if blank is “not launched yet” then no. I need a certain amount of data before I’m really effective, and pre-launch businesses don’t have the data yet.

I don’t have a Skype account. What are my options?

I can phone you directly, you don’t need to worry. Just let me know in your intake.

I’m on the other side of the world, how can we make this happen?

Although I keep pretty regular office hours (US Eastern time zone) I can make special arrangements to make sure we can meet up during both our waking hours.

I needed to start working on this, like, yesterday. How long is it going to take to get rolling?

Good question! Unfortunately, my DeLorean is in the shop, so I can’t do yesterday, but I can usually book a call with a week or two. At the end of our call, you will definitely have enough stuff to keep you busy for the next 2-3 days as I complete your plan. So the sooner you book your call, the better!

As business people and entrepreneurs, we sometimes are so close to our business that we don’t see things clearly. Working with Shanna has helped me greatly get super clarity on my business and each discussion has allowed me to progress way farther and faster than attempting to do this on my own.

Shirin Elkoshairi

CEO of a Technology Service Company

Whether it’s through the fog of overwhelming new industry detail or years’ worth of mental conditioning, Shanna knows how to pierce through it to ask you the right questions, to prompt you to connect with what you really want, and help you map out how to get there.Shanna is an incredibly disciplined individual who is designing her life the way she wants to live it, yet knows how to help others who don’t yet know what they want, or have the habit of discipline.

After only a few sessions, an idea in the back of my head has come forward and lost its ‘dream-only’ status. For those who have trouble committing to risky decisions, Shanna can help with a dose of realism and a chaser of ‘why not?’ After all, it’s my life, why shouldn’t I try to do what I want with it?

Margaret Pinard

Self-Published Author