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Happy Hour For Solopreneurs

?”Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came… “?

I get it.

Life is busy. Your time is not your own. You have obligations. Responsibilities.

And yet, you still need to take the time to unwind. To hang out, with family, or friends. Even go on the odd adventure.

However, if you’re anything like most online solopreneurs, you’re still missing one little thing — friendships with other business owners.

A True Hangout, Not a Networking Meet and Greet.

Happy HourRelationships with other business owners can be tricky.

A little too much self promotion, a little too much green eyed monster, a little too much talking past each other instead of really listening. You’ve probably seen those kinds of Facebook groups. I’m sure you hate them — we all do.

But what if you could hang out with your entrepreneurial pals (almost) like you would meet up with ‘in real life’ friends?


Enter “Happy Hour for Solopreneurs”

A standing Friday night ‘date’ to hang out almost in person — conversing by text like the old MSN messenger days. (Do I date myself? Very well then, I date myself.)

Chat about your week, but not in a, “Guys, I’m so THRILLED to be launching my blahblahblah…” but in a “Hey, guess what? I FINALLY got that project I was telling you about done! Time for a celebratory margarita!” And then everyone congratulates you.

See? Friendly, not competitive. Not sales-y. Loose comradeship. Once you experience it, you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

Can’t Make It Friday Nights?

No worries. Friday nights are simply the nights that I’m hosting (sometimes Thursday, if I’m travelling.) Pop in anytime and start a conversation, and almost certainly people will start chatting.

Do You Really Need Another Facebook Group to Join?

Of course not.

But we can all use a little more support, a little more camraderie, and a few more people in our lives who actually know what it’s like to try to of doing something you care about.

If that sounds like something you can use sign up here.

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