Chaos Magic

Chaos Magic posits no beliefs — at least none to be considered absolutely “true”. Nothing is true. You are therefore free to take anything you like and use it AS IF it were true. Everything is permitted. And the amazing thing is that even if you’re faking it it still works!

A belief system, ANY belief system, even one cobbled together from bits and pieces, copied or original, if it’scontinuously subscribed to as being absolutely true by the magican, it ceases to be Chaos Magic.

Chaos Magicians are magical agnostics. They don’t know what might be absolutely true, and suspect that nothing is — and they DON’T CARE.

Chaos Magic sees nothing but infinite chaos, stochastically dragged into existence by each and every observer according to their predispositions, and by manipulating these predispositions it can be bent in desired directions by a canny intelligence.

Abby posted this a couple weeks ago, and it’s a monument to how much other good stuff I had on the go that this… this… BRILLIANCE … had to wait.

I am officially a Chaos Mage.

That’s all there is to it. This completely nails my worldview.

  • There’s no way to know what’s absolutely true
  • It’s quite possible nothing is
  • But if you can take anything you like and MAKE it true, at least for a while
So, who else is a Chaos Magician out there? I have it on good authority that Abby started a list. (And also, you’re welcome to be on my Lyst. I believe Chaos Mage falls under the subheading “hell-raisers and shit-disturbers”)


10 thoughts on “Chaos Magic”

      1. The thing with Chaos Magic Theory is that you CAN do it by the book – if it works for you. If you want to. If you believe it. For as long as it works, as long as you want, as long as you believe it.

        That’s one of the things I love about it – because nothing is true, everything is, as long as you believe it. It also allows you the freedom to change, guilt free, when something doesn’t work for you anymore. So if you go by the book for eating and working out because that is how you get results, or that is what makes you comfortable, then that is YOUR CHOICE. And when one book stops working for you, you can change the book to whatever DOES work for you.

        No guilt. No requirements. You decide. Whatever works. (Quite literally.)

      2. Well, there’s more than one way to be eclectic like a chaos magician. In lifestyle, in spirituality and/or religion, in philosophy, in politics, in cooking, in writing, in art, in music… etc. Being a chaos magician overall implies that a person does the take-what-works-and-cobble-it-together approach in general, yes, but I like looking at the specific areas. Also, there’s the literal “doing chaos magic” sense.

      3. hmm. I thought of it as a worldview, which means that applies equally to all facets of your life. An outlook, not taking anything as the gospel truth, because, how could it be? Chaos mages have no gospel

      4. Which I totally get. But what if someone isn’t 100% like that? For example, what if I’m a chaos magician archetype when it comes to worldview (spirituality, politics, philosophy, tolerance), but when it comes to physical action – cooking or working on my bike or fixing the toilet – I am a total by-the-book-er? It’s possible to mix’n’match.

      5. If you can mix and match, I’m not going to argue the point. To me, though — well for instance *I’m* the one that friends and family come to for how to advice. Because I took the time to learn the “best” way to do it; most efficient, most cost effective, industry standard, “best practice” whatever. Those four options represent totally different criteria and values from which i can pick and choose because none of them are inherently superior to each other. If you read how to fix a toilet out of a book, I don’t think you have the context to even understand that you are choosing a dogma. —

        Which, I suppose makes your point fairly handily, I just really can’t wrap my head around that kind of dichotomy in one person. It seems… confusing.

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