Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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Last week my husband needed a haircut. We’re not fancy, so we went where we’ve always gone — the Smart Style at Walmart. You walk in, you ask for a haircut, and the next person who is free puts you in their chair. I did have a favorite — Lindsay, who I use if she Read more

The 1% challenge: Each day, implement an improvement that makes a process, system, workflow or constraint at least 1% faster, easier, or more effective. I live for optimization and tweaking. It’s my geekery. And while I have no problem researching and implementing relatively small changes, I know that I fall down when a major overhaul Read more

If you follow certain people or certain topics it’s very common to hear that you should be ‘in your body’. But if I say to you right now, “What is your body saying to you?” you’ll snort and say “It wants some damn rest.” There are limits, and then there are limits There is an Read more