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Practical Tip Posts

It’s been such nice weather here lately that I find it rather difficult to get to work. It makes me think of a common question that I receive: “Why does motivation wax and wane?” I think almost everybody wants to experience a state where they work like a machine, where they behave a certain way Read more

The other day I was talking to a client. One of her contractors had just announced her annual rate increase— 50% over her previous rate. It’s a lot of money, and my client wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it. On one hand— good for the contractor! We should always celebrate when a fellow Read more

I think it’s interesting how you can be in one business, but in order to kill it in that business, you need to attain mastery in some other, seemingly unrelated sphere. My favorite example of this is Amazon. You might think that they are an e-commerce company. But what makes them so competitive is their Read more