Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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Strategy Under Constraints

It’s been such nice weather here lately that I find it rather difficult to get to work. It makes me think of a common question that I receive: “Why does motivation wax and wane?” I think almost everybody wants to experience a state where they work like a machine, where they behave a certain way Read more

Someone asked me for the definition of scaling. They had seen it used frequently and thought they understood from context, but had never seen a really solid explanation. I’ve mentioned scaling in relation to Maker businesses, but I can do better. First we are going to talk about scaling, and then we’re going to look Read more

Periodically, I’ll run a series of free 1-on-1 calls on various subjects for a limited number of subscribers (Want to get one in the future? Click here to sign up). The last set I ran was to help show people exactly where to focus their attention in their business in order to have the best Read more