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The #insidemymicrobiz experiment has garnered a lot of questions from readers. Good questions deserve a column of their own. Got a question? Hit me up on Twitter or email me: [shanna] at [this domain]. I’ve gotten myself into an interesting spot (not quite a dilemma or even a problem, just not sure what I want Read more

Last week, Abigail posted about the four questions you need to have an answer to in order for your business to succeed. The post struck a nerve. I got a lot of comments and mail from people who were distressed that they didn’t know the answers and worried that they were doomed. DOOMED. But there’s Read more

The #insidemymicrobiz experiment has generated a lot of good questions from readers, so I’ll be sharing these Q&As on Fridays. Got a question? Hit me up on Twitter or email me: [shanna] at [this domain]. Hi Shanna, Ok, I don’t have just one thing that’s been bugging me lately. Well, maybe I do when you put Read more