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Invisible Skills

It’s been such nice weather here lately that I find it rather difficult to get to work. It makes me think of a common question that I receive: “Why does motivation wax and wane?” I think almost everybody wants to experience a state where they work like a machine, where they behave a certain way Read more

Things have been going pear-shaped around here for a while now. I will spare you the litany of issues because it actually sounds made up! My husband jokes that we must have angered a gypsy or something. But we’ve been rolling with it, mostly. And since this kind of thing is hardly unique to me Read more

My mom was a nurse and before that a baker, so when me and my three siblings were growing up she was anal about hygiene. Every task began with washing your hands, and every task ended with washing your hands. I suppose trying to keep four grubby-handed kids clean in the middle of a dusty Read more