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I just finished Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking, and I love it. I don’t know a thing about her music, her eyebrows offend my aesthetics, and her lifestyle would be enough to give me a nervous breakdown, but I will love her forever for this beautiful book. (Also, her account of Neil Gaiman falling Read more

Discernment. It’s a big value of mine. To discern what is useful, what is important, what’s germane. To know how far to go — or at least to have the sense to retrace my steps when it’s evident that I’ve gone too far. Discernment is a tricky thing to teach. It’s even trickier to give Read more

I’ve been in the whole ‘build a business’ racket for most of my life at this point. It’s not hard to build a business. The real trick is to build a business that doesn’t make you want to step in front of a bus, doesn’t make you feel bored out of your mind at the Read more