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As of July 1, 2014, Canada has enacted new “anti-spam” legislation, which is widely regarded as the strongest anti-spam laws in the world. The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (or CASL) is great for consumers. But it might have some ramifications for how you market your business. If you are emailing businesses or people in Canada, listen Read more

Someone recently told me that they didn’t see me as a “simplicity person” and I said that’s because the cult-like fervor toward simplicity confused me. Inside simplicity is complexity, and inside complexity is simplicity. It was a pretty interesting topic, so I thought I would share. People think of the simple life as “going back Read more

“Help! I never got any of my stuff from my 6 month plan done, and I’m caught in a shame spiral.” Lordy, I have been there. Can I get an AMEN? Actually, this is a fairly common response from the people who bought Your Next 6 Months (Forever) when I released it this time last Read more