Business Intelligence


In the beginning, running a business is a fairly simple process. You’re trying to find a need that you can fill. Eventually you find one and you gain customers and start making money.

But as time goes by, you learn a lot. You try things. Some things work. Others fail. For lack of a better term, you start to collect data, even though it might not be in an Excel file anywhere.

Believe it or not, you’re already sitting on a lot of data. You’ve got your known knowns, your known unknowns, and your unknown unknowns. It’s as true of your business as it is of military intelligence.

After being in business for some time, it begins to dawn on you that you could be making much better business decisions if only you knew what your data had to tell you.


Most people don’t have a head for this kind of analysis, any more than most people have an aptitude for chess. It’s a quirky skill to be able to look at a few sets of numbers and have the insight to say, “Here’s what the numbers say and here’s what you should do.”

Your gut might be right more often than not, but it’s not very good at projections and planning. When you make decisions based on the numbers instead of a mixture of instinct and experience, you gain an unparalleled control over the fate of your business.

Just imagine if you could know:

  • Whether your Facebook ads are paying for themselves
  • When to reorder inventory and how much
  • What a ‘normal’ month looks like and how to plan your spending around inevitable income lulls
  • Who your ‘invisible’ followers are and what they respond to
  • What segment of your clientele is most valuable and how to increase the lifetime value of your customers

The data will tell you.

Now imagine how much more confident you would be in your decision-making and planning if you had this information at your fingertips.


Every business is a gold mine of information but just like your mechanic, I can’t completely diagnose the problem without popping the hood. So instead, here’s the process I’ll walk you through so that you can gain more confidence and control in your business ownership:

  • Click the box below to purchase the Bonsai Business Analytics package.
  • You’ll immediately receive a link by email to book a time as well as a prompt where you can explain your problem.
  • We meet over Skype and spend the next 60 minutes exploring any problems you have, areas you might be overlooking, and decisions you need to make.
  • We make a plan to get the data together.
  • Over the next week or so, I’ll identify some key insights and I’ll put together the data in a way that makes it useful to you.
  • Then we’ll have another call to go over what I’ve learned and show you what else you can do with the info— including how to maintain it, if applicable.

I spent 90 minutes with Shanna and came up with a strategy that will make me 20 grand this year!

Ethan Waldman

The Tiny House


Business intelligence builds a real competitive advantage.

It’s no shame that you haven’t done this before— it’s a specialized skill that even the largest corporations routinely outsource. Just think what a difference it would make to your strategy if you had hard numbers to work with, numbers that back up what your gut has been telling you.

Don’t wait. If you’ve been in business for more than a year or two, you have enough information to mine for insight— insight that will make you more competitive, more on-target, and better able to finetune all your plans.


I can’t necessarily solve your problems immediately. I’m almost sure to tell you something that you didn’t know. For instance, perhaps you are not yet tracking the relevant data so I’ll recommend the right system so that we can give it some time and circle back around. This happens rarely, but it can happen, and I want you to know that I’ll do right by you. If it does happen, I’ll refund your fee and have you come back when you have the necessary information.

Watch your business flourish with data-backed decisions.

You’ll soon wonder how you made any decisions before this. Once you feel the sturdy footing of Bonsai Business Analytics underneath you, you’ll never go back to winging it.


Don’t let the overwhelm of all those numbers and columns keep you from the assurance that you’re making the right decisions for your business. Click the button below to pay $750 and get your personalized insights today.


What kinds numbers are we talking here?

All kinds of numbers. Think of it instead in terms of making decisions. As in “If I knew [X], I could decide [Y]. For example: If I knew what percentage of my income came from each product/type of offering and I knew the margin or profit on each, then I could decide where to focus more of my efforts. Oftentimes you’ll have several sets of numbers, but you don’t know how to combine them to give you insight.

To give you ideas, think: sales numbers, ROI, financial data, conversion data, traffic, etc.

Is this going to involve setting up spreadsheets? Or math?

Probably. But don’t think of it as a spreadsheet– think of it as a chart. A chart that does math for you.

I won’t leave you with something that you can’t use. Most of the time, clients are already using a spreadsheet (or other analytics) but they’re not interpreting it. Other times, I take the raw data, dump it into a spreadsheet, and make it usable (then I make sure that they know how to update it so it keeps being useful.) The math we use is usually pretty simple, unless you have, say a retail business with thousands of transactions. Even then, it’s not too complex. And again, I make sure you can use it, even if you don’t fully understand it.

My business is ______. Will this work for me?

If blank is a type of business, I would say, “Yes, most likely.” I haven’t worked on EVERY type of business, but I’ve worked on most of them, from brick and mortar to e-commerce, from infoproduct to high-end services.

But if blank is “not launched yet” then no. I need a certain amount of data before I’m really effective, and pre-launch businesses don’t have the data yet.

I don’t have a Skype account. What are my options?

I can phone you directly, you don’t need to worry. Just let me know in your intake.

I’m on the other side of the world, how can we make this happen?

Although I keep pretty regular office hours (US Eastern time zone) I can make special arrangements to make sure we can meet up during both our waking hours.

I needed to start working on this, like, yesterday. How long is it going to take to get rolling?

Good question! Unfortunately, my DeLorean is in the shop, so I can’t do yesterday, but I can usually book a call with a week or two. So the sooner you book your call, the better!