A Bear Hug and A Kick in The Ass

Is it enough to only offer questions?

I enjoy Seth Godin’s blog, which daily tickles my fancy with posts that excite my sense of possibility. I love him for that, because that stimulation will fire my nuerons for hours.

Still, he generally doesn’t stop there. He leaves you with a call to action. He empowers you , practically dares you to try the things he talks about.

I’m not really one for gurus, but damn, I like his style.

That’s what I’m like, I think. Feel free to argue, of course, and by no means do I consider myself in the same realm as Godin, but I think that’s a large part of my charm. I’m a hell-raiser and an instigator, and I dare you to try … anything.

My CataLyst is where I do a lot of that instigating, kicking ass and taking names and generally expecting a lot from the poor innocent sods who unwittingly joined my minion army.

Joel sent me this reply after a particularly fun dare:

You, lady, are some kind of world class troublemaker, you are.

Will you listen to him, the flatterer?

But I think that’s the point, don’t you? Asking questions, daring to make leaps. People don’t need another set of rules to follow. What they need is inspiration and instigation, a bear hug and a kick in the ass.

That’s what I’m offering, anyway. How about you?

Pssst. Inspiration and instigation is free on the CataLyst. You know. If you were looking for some. Tell your friends.


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