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Life Hacks

This is a flash of obvious I had myself recently. A friend of mine, Erin Bowe, wanted to start taking better care of herself. A few months back she set up a gym in her basement, but she hasn’t really used it at all. And so she was saying one day, “You know, it might Read more

In the spirit of things that seem obvious but may actually be brilliant: Plan everything, and have it ready to go the night before. If you don’t, you will a) spend the whole night trying to remember the things you can’t forget, and b) harriedly forget more than you ever thought possible the next morning Read more

I have a wonderfully organized mother. When we were in school, and she had four children involved in band, 4-H, school sports and music lessons, she never missed a beat, and often kept all the other mothers organizaed as well. Everything I know about organization I learned at my mother’s knee. Her greatest tool was Read more