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Inside My Microbiz- Abigail Markov

Another great post from Abigail Markov, who is hard at work under the Christmas rush, but still managed to take the time to detail the various ways she pares down the list of things she could be doing. Raise your hand if you usually have more ideas than you have means to act on them Read more

I love this post from Abby Markov. It’s so great that the internet has democratized entrepreneurship. But that very democratization has allowed a LOT of people with misguided notions of what makes a sustainable business to try their hand at it. Abby has a lot of good things to say here! Shanna and I spend a Read more

Editor’s Note: Because Abby was so exhausted, I was tempted to hold off on this post until she had a chance to re-edit it to fit her original vision. But honestly, the original idea was considerably more statistics based. I like this one more; weighty with fatigue but infused with indomitable spirit. Don’t you? This month Read more