Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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So, we’re on the last day of the contingencies series. I hope you found the tactics for dealing with life’s curveballs useful… Here’s the trick… The hardest thing about this whole deal is just making your peace with uncertainty. Uncertainty is a fact of life. There’s just no way around it. But like learning how Read more

The first thing you need to learn to be adaptable is to make your peace with the idea that nothing, no matter how good it is, is going to last. But this applies equally to bad things, too, so that should make you feel better, right? All joking aside, you absolutely must make peace with Read more

One of the things I hear over and over, not only from clients, but from friends is, “I can’t decide! What if something changes?” This is not as absurd a statement as it at first appears. What they are usually saying is that “I know things will change, and if I commit to this, I Read more