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Book Reviews

I sat down to read Small Giants by Bo Burlingham, thinking that it would be a sprightly frolic through a variety of interesting companies. I love stories, you know, they’re so great in illustrating business lessons that I’m constantly on the lookout, but businesses like 3M and Apple have just been done to death. If Read more

I have to tell you; my friend Joel Zaslofsky is pretty smart. His new book just came out– Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life. And since he’s also in my mastermind group, I’ve heard him develop the concept for the book for a long time now. Short version? Curating Read more

The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success, by Richard Marcinko. Pocket Books, 1998. This is not your usual leadership book. I guess I really like military leadership books because they harbour less bullshit. Richard Marcinko was a Navy Seal and operated the infamous Seal Team Six during the 80s. In short…. The book is terse, and Read more