Change Catalyst with Shanna Mann: Strategy & Support for Sane Self-Employment

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Be More Effective

Welcome to our 4th mini-lesson in effective business planning and execution. We’ve talked philosophy. We’ve talked tools. We’ve talked productivity. Now let’s talk psychology. Broadly speaking, to understand psychology is to understand the weaknesses inherent in the human mind. Ask me any time about cognitive biases. Or why you shouldn’t incentivize testimonials. I’ll talk all Read more

You know, we can often be incredibly inconsiderate towards ourselves. I’m certainly guilty of working too-long days, refusing to take breaks, working in a mess until I can’t stand it anymore, feeding myself garbage, and not acknowledging any of my hard work and accomplishments. In fact, if I treated anyone else like this, I would consider Read more

In a day and age where we buy pre-made everything, adapting and customizing off-the-shelf solutions isn’t necessarily the first tactic to spring to mind. But when things aren’t working for you, you have two options: change yourself, or change the situation. Many a humble business owner has decided to change themselves first, bowing to the Read more