The people and products on this page come highly recommended.

Obviously, take what you need. Just because I love and adore these people and their works doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. I wish these thing didn’t have to be said, but it helps me sleep better to say them. Most of these are not affiliate links, but where they are, they’ve been marked.



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Kick-Ass Service Providers


Andi Mancuso designed this site. Spectacular, no? Tremendous eye for detail? Elegant? Eye-catching? Timeless? If you want one of your very own, you can’t do better than Andi.

Erin Clark of Unleash, is a goddess of wild weather, a sharp-eyed witch and a word-smith sans pareil. She’s a valued member of my council.

Noelle Anthony of Delight Works never gives conventional advice. Her mission is two-fold– for you to delight your customers, and for your business to delight you. (And she has a magic wand.)

Jennifer Hofmann of Inspired Home Office helps creatives and work-at-home types create spaces that support and nourish them. I was born organized, but she still managed to knock my socks off. Her techniques are unlike any I’ve ever enounteredHer free workbook changed the way I organize my office forever.

Catherine Caine of Cash and Joy is a heart-centred wellspring of all things epic for your business. Technically she helps you with your marketing, but really she’s just a superheroine of awesomeness



Stuff I Can’t Live Without


Boomerang is an email scheduling software for Gmail, the ONLY one of its kind, as far as I know. If that weren’t enough to convince you, it will allow you to ‘throw’ stuff out of your inbox for a period of time until you need it as a reminder or to make a decision on it and let you know if you haven’t heard back from someone you emailed. I especially love how you can set emails to send at a random time. I use it to send affectionate notes to friends and loved ones. You get 10 messages/mo free, and it’s 5$ a month to upgrade.

OmmWriter is a rather darling program that covers your whole screen, even the clock and the toolbar and provides soothing music and a gently shifting background to hypnotize you into phenomenal writing productivity. Purchase is by donation, and it’s totally worth it for the premium version.

GoalScape is simply the most fun and intuitive goal planning/tracking software I’ve found. It’s about $125, but it’s been worth every penny. It’s also collaborative, if that helps.

The Journal5 is a neato passworded desktop-based journal, with all the richness and functionality you can imagine. Except smooth, thick paper under my fingertips. But you can do just about everything else! $49.

Getting Things Done/Making it all Work, or, as I like to refer to them, Old Testament and New Testament. A lot of people think GTD is just hard-core time management. But I prefer to think of it as a playbook for “winning at the game of work and the business of life.”

The Tao of Awesome. (aff) (review here) I’ve long been a fan of GTD, but the biggest complaint I have with it is that it’s incredibly time-consuming to maintain. The second largest drawback is that the relationship between what you’re aiming for and what you’re doing isn’t as transparent as it could be (as most people practice it). That is, the problem isn’t with the system so much as the implementation. In the Tao of Awesome, Johnny B Truant has ironed out the implementation bugs, making it a stunning under-dog victory over productivity Goliath GTD. I can’t recommend it highly enough.