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“Capture the Spark”

joel HomeI come to Shanna when I need honest feedback on my ideas, or when I’m looking for a commonsense process for managing my thinking. Shanna understands sparklebrains and knows how to capture the spark without putting it out.

Joel D Canfield | Writer

“Moving Forward”

erin Home As an aspiring solo entrepreneur, I felt so lost amidst all the information out there and overwhelmed by all the moving parts starting a business entails that I didn’t even know where to start. I was absolutely amazed by how quickly Shanna helped me get things together, point myself in the right direction, and start moving forward toward my goals. Read more…

Erin Kurup | Editor | Remade By Hand



I knew where I wanted to get to in my business, but not how to get there. After doing the work Shanna suggested over a number of weeks, I’ve realised that in order to work out the how, I have to go right back to basics and hit the reset button. It’s exhilarating! Such major change from such a brief interaction is mind-blowing. Read more…

Elinor Predota | Interfaith Minister