shanna (2)I’m Shanna, and I build businesses: both my own and other people’s.

My particular penchant is for web-based microbusinesses — the kind primarily run by a single person.

My specialty lies in helping microbusiness owners (like you?) scale. Not like Mark Zuckerberg, or Tim Ferriss, or anybody like that. Despite what people assume, scaling doesn’t automatically mean huge.

To me and to my people, scaling looks like:

  • Managing your focus so that you stop spinning like a top
  • Developing your mission so that marketing becomes easy
  • Systemize your business processes so that you can spend more time at your Best Work


Does that sound like the kind of scaling you could use?

Stick around and, little by little, you’ll learn the ropes of business management, planning, and growth. But more than that, you’ll learn to do them in a way that lines up with your values and goals.

What People Are Saying:

“Capture the Spark”

Joel D Canfield | WriterI come to Shanna when I need honest feedback on my ideas, or when I’m looking for a commonsense process for managing my thinking. Shanna understands sparklebrains and knows how to capture the spark without putting it out.

Joel D Canfield | Writer